The DBC's & The Great Big Band Live at The Ham Jam IV

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating to restaurants, bars and the 1000's of people who depend on them for their livelihoods. You can help support those who need it most when you purchase this CD. $15 from your purchase goes directly to Restaurant Workers Community Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund. 5 bucks goes to help offset the cost of licensing, mastering and production of the CD. When (and if) we sell enough to cover costs, 100% of future sales will go to RWCF. Read more about the good things RWCF does.

If you miss going out to see live music, you're going to love this record. It is live and alive from start to finish. Full of energy, it is some seat of the pants fun and joy with some of the best musicians around on board. Seriously, take a look at the jacket, you may know at least a few. 

Recorded live at The Met in Pawtucket, RI. Ham Jam was a celebration of food, music and a bunch of people gathered together in a nightclub having a damn good time dancing, eating, singing and drinking. The Event was the brainchild of Kristin & Matt Gennuso, owners of Chez Pascal and The Wurst Window on Hope St in Providence, RI.

The DBC's are a little 5 piece band from Rhode Island playing any songs they feel like playing, because as long as they’re feelin' it, you’re probably feelin it too.

The Great Big Band was 10 of their friends who thankfully joined that one night to make for one festive set of seat of the pants goodness.

Serving suggestion: Insert CD, set mood lighting, grab your favorite beverage and pretend you're in a nightclub with a bunch of people and a big, loud 15 piece band. Enjoy!

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