Buy One Give One


 What is Buy One Give One? 

It’s pretty simple. When you buy any piece of clothing at, we will donate that very same item (or similar item of same value if we’re out of stock) to Sojourner House in Providence, RI, a non-profit dedicated to promoting healthy relationships for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 


Why Sojourner House?

At J Marcel, we see every day how the simple act of putting on some new clothes can put a smile on someone’s face and instill confidence. We want to support organizations that help victims of domestic and sexual violence gain back confidence and self-esteem. We realized that what we do everyday could actually be used to effect change for those trying to find a way to rebuild, live safely and feel empowered. That’s why we support Sojourner House. 


The How’s and Why’s 

By working with our suppliers on pricing and wholesale discounting, together we can make this a sustainable and permanent fixture of our business.  

We’ll be working with our existing vendors and continue to seek new suppliers and organizations who share our vision for a more thoughtful world.  

We are excited about the possibilities this brings and look forward to driving enthusiasm for a more compassionate way to doing business.  

For years we've seen how women feel when they put on a new top or dress, happy, confident, ready to make it a great day. So imagine you can pass that same feeling along to someone who needs that boost to help get there feet back on the ground. 

People need help every day, not just during a crisis. We would feel very lucky if together with you, we could continue to put a smile on someone’s face, promote healthy living and empowerment through the simple act of giving every day. 

To learn more about Sojourner House, visit